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10 things want do

1. find out birthday
2. learn wear shoes, guess
3. learn more mama teach
4. go town with Jones
5. go door places
6. help mama help fritz mama
7. see North Loa again
8. learn better talkng
9. make more friends
10.Jones Badru


Loa of the North dangled pink silk like a prize.

They bargained - her Lark's Song for his Scarf. Princess scarf. Special scarf. Make her pretty. Make Jones notice.

Hair scarf bound, pretty dress match.

He notice alright, say what the hell you doing, childe?

Lark don't sing. Scarf don't shine - magic maybe broke.

Still, Jones hold her tiny hand in his large one. Tell her kind, they not right for each other.

Walk her home, talk to Mama from the dock (he's scared go in).

Gonna take her to town, guard over her. Help her grow.

Different kinda magic? Maybe....


Call Him many names.

Call Him Legba, Ellegua, Elegbara, Eshu, Nbumba Nzila, Pomba Gira. Call Loa at the crossroads.

Spanish moss curtains the walkways, her bare feet treading ancient paths as she throws the water to all four corners.

Burns the fire next. Buries the ash and bones, dead center.

"Make him want," she whispers to He-of-many-names, Guardian of the crossroads. "Make him walk."

Under the night of no moon, cover of darkness, Delia draws the knife.

Drips her own blood in sacrifice, red drops swallowed by the thirsty earth.

"Bring him to me."

And he comes.

Accidental Discovery

Dead man in the murky water, gators took chunks but still recognizable as a man. Poor man, human man, fragile as all humans--- wind up floating belly-up like a fish. She can't tell what color his eyes so she fishes the body closer, pries one open.

What's left might've once been blue.

Dee stares down into the ruins of it, wondering the hows and whys of how he got himself corpsed.

Body don't answer, spirit don't come - long gone from the husk, no lingering business tying in there.

So much for this accidental discovery yielding a new friend.

Ten little things

1. Don't wear shoes.

2. Like crawfish gumbo.

3. Jones teach me.

4. Feux follets my friends.

5. Mama adopted me.

6. Talk quiet talk.

7. Walk bayou shorter, faster.

8. Like red meat.

9. Got no money.

10. Lonely sometimes.


City or Country?

Born in the city. Don't remember it.

Home in the bayou.

Belong here.

City folk strange, anyhow.


Show us what you love



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Ordinary / Special

Ordinary Things
Like Jones.
Want talk better.
Love Mama.
Hate Ellis.

Special Things
Good mojo.
See like Mama.
Spirit friends.
Swamp walking.




Lè mmouri, fè bèl vèy pou mwen
Mpa pral ni nan paradi ni nan lanfè
Pînga pè pale laten nan tèt mwen.

Lè mmouri, antere mwen nan lakou-a
Rasanble tout zanmi-m fè bèl fèt
Pînga pase legliz ak kadav mwen

Lè mmouri, se pou tout moun byen ge
Ri, chante, danse, bay blag
Pînga kriye, rele nan zòrèy mwen

Lè mmouri, mpa pfin ale nèt
Tout kote kganyen bèl banbòch
Kote nèg lib, fò yo nonmen non mwen

--Feliks Moriso-Lewa


When I die, make me a beautiful wake
I'm going neither to paradise nor to hell
Don't let a priest speak Latin to my head

When I die, bury me in the yard
Gather all my friends, make a big feast
Don't go past the church with my corpse

When I die, everyone should really get happy
Laugh, sing, dance, tell jokes
Don't bawl, yell into my ear

I won't be completely done when I'm dead
All the places where there were great bashes,
Where people are free they'll remember me

--Felix Morisseau-Leroy